There's no doubt Buyers find staged homes more appealing. Staging a home increases it's desirability and decreases it's time on the market. For Sellers who are interested, I offer staging consultation as part of my listing service. We can stage your home as much - or as little - as you like. Staging can range from deep cleaning and de-clutter to moving furniture and refreshing linens, to painting and replacing the carpet. Each staging consultation is tailored to the Seller, their home, and their needs. The before and after photos of these first two houses not only illustrate how clutter, color, and context factor in when staging your home, but also the importance of professional photography. 

In a subdivision where the average days on the market for a three-bedroom home was 49 days, this home received five offers and was under contract in the first three days. The final sales price was more than the average sale price for a three-bedroom home in that subdivision, and over the Seller's asking price, with no closing costs to the Buyer. The photos on the left were taken with my iPhone on my first visit to list the property. We signed the listing and the Sellers set a market date for about five weeks out. We emailed to discuss and refine my staging strategy, and the home was ready and the listing active on our agreed-upon date. 

This home had already been listed on the market for nearly six months before becoming my listing. The first time I visited the property, I took the photos on the left (with my iPhone), in addition to some other ones I used for reference. I walked through the house with the owner, and we discussed recommendations, which I followed up with an email along with other listings I've staged for reference. When they felt they were sufficiently 'packed and purged', I returned for the staging and professional photography. The sale closed for more than it had been previously listed, in less than 90 days, and that was after the first contract we accepted had to cancel due to financing issues.

With this listing, I worked with the Sellers for about three months before putting the home on the market. They knew they wanted to repaint and replace the carpet before listing, and we worked together on making selections that would have the broadest appeal to potential Buyers while still complimenting their existing belongings. The Sellers did make a few purchases for staging, and I contributed a couple of decorative items from my stash. They were committed to making the absolute best presentation of their home, and so was I.

This home was the first listing I staged. Disclosure: this was my own home I listed and sold!  We pared down belongings and rented a storage room for seasonal items and to move boxes to as we packed them.  In the first 3 days, we had 8 showings and went under contract. Did I mention we had a 70-pound dog and a nine-month-old baby? I made a plan for showings, had a "Go Box" we could grab (it contained things like extra keys, medications, jewelry, and was next to the dog leash), and since we packed up and moved out as much as we did, we could easily organize what was left. Packing and purging before the staging process also makes it easier to keep the home 'show ready' - or close to it, at least. 

Typically when I stage a listing, I leave the shower curtains closed for the photos. This home had windows in the showers, and I wanted potential Buyers to see them. This home had some nice upgrades and great features added, and we wanted to showcase as many of them as possible. As with many occupied stagings, this was just a matter of moving furniture, paring down decorative items, and giving spaces context.

We needed to get this home on the market ASAP, so we did staging and photos in ONE DAY on this house! The Sellers had already started selling furniture and packing, and there are photos where we picked up things, moved them out of the way to get the shot, and then moved them back, but you'd never know it!